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Cooler Weather Making a Comeback This Week

Just a quick note, does anyone know why Bremerton Airport recorded a low of 23 degrees at 6:15 this evening? Heck, it recorded 33 degrees at 1:55 PM after a recorded temp of 46 degrees at 1:35. What in the world happened over there that made the temperature drop 13 degrees in 10 minutes?!

Anyway, I just took the lowest temperature I saw recorded before the big temperature plunge and made that the low today (yeah I broke the rules but I have an excuse!) Regardless of the tweaks made to the low temperature, I think the above map describes what this next week’s weather pattern will be like.

After several weeks of highs in the upper 40s and 50s, it appears a “more normal” weather pattern is going to set up shop, meaning periods of rain, clouds and highs in the mid and upper 40s. We may get close to 50 degrees Monday, but overall we’ll stay pretty close to normal! I never thought that would sound so good!

Another thing to note, low temperatures around midweek will get awfully close to freezing. I was talking to a friend that lives out in Seabeck and he was talking about the frost he had to wipe off his windshield the other morning. While Bremerton Airport hasn’t recorded a low at or below freezing since late last month, I wouldn’t doubt some frost/ice formed in the Seabeck area Thursday night/Friday morning as the airport registered in at 35 degrees.

Regardless, I sure hope we can manage a freeze or two before the month’s end so January 2010 doesn’t go down as a COMPLETELY pitiful month weather-wise.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Matthew Leach

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