Seriously Rain…GO AWAY!: 4.11” and Counting


Remember that really long dry streak earlier this fall? Temperatures were soaring into the 90s in late September and it seemed as if winter would never come? Yeah…so what were we complaining about?

After a relatively dry, but unseasonably cold December we have entered a dreary, soaking wet and unseasonably warm January weather pattern that has drenched the Northwest since day 1. So far, Bremerton Airport has recorded 4.11” in the gauge, a little behind Seattle’s 4.23”. But no matter how you slice it, we are still averaging over 2” above the 2.04” we should be at right now.

Let me first address the sunny weather fans: let’s just be honest—it sure stinks to be in your position right now. I can’t find a single shred of hope in any weather model that points to a period of 2 or more consecutive dry days, and finding even ONE dry day is far and few in between. In the next 7 days, temperatures will remain warm. The long range has been hinting at much colder weather to end the month, but that’s as far as anyone should read into it right now.

Now for you snow fans: I feel your pain, and it equally stinks to be a snow fan during this moss-fest, but trends have been in our favor for at least producing some marginally “cold enough” weather later this month. With the help of wet bulb cooling and our proximity to the Olympics, it won’t exactly take a miracle to produce some mid-winter snow here. Keep your chins up high!

As a general rule, this week will be full of rain and clouds with maybe a side of brief sunshine mixed in on a good day (isn’t it sad we have to say that?).

Have a great evening folks! Be safe on the roads out there…

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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  1. Aw shucks, thanks Charley! 🙂 I sure miss you guys. Hope 3rd ward is treating you well, though I don’t doubt they are.


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