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2009: Active Weather Year and Coldest in 50 years

When 2008 ended, I didn’t think we could top it in the weather department. According to weather data from the Bremerton National Airport, 2008 was the coldest year in Kitsap County since 1960. And despite some impressive heat in the late spring/summer, overall 2009 ended up 0.55 degrees F cooler than 2008, according to physics professor Steve VanWyk of Olympic College in Bremerton, which would make 2009 the coldest in…at the very least 50 years, but most likely more.

Professor VanWyk states: “Dec 2009 was the coldest December in Kitsap since 1990 [and], as it turned out, 8 of the last 12 months showed a drop in temp[eratures] over 2008”

Take a look at this graph he sent me of yearly temperatures since 1960:

kitsap temps

Look at that dramatic drop in temperatures from 2004 to 2009! I believe this is due, in part, to the new -PDO phase and minimal sunspot activity. I expect we’ll see a gradual uptick in  these numbers as the years wear on as sunspot activity is expected to ramp up, granted no volcano’s blow their tops in the process. That would cause worldwide global cooling, at least for a short period of time, should it occur.

Precipitation for the year was also over an inch above normal.

2009 was also a very active weather year and if we were to combine 2008-2009 as a whole, this would be the most active and certainly most interesting weather duo in several years.For a complete list of weather highlights, click on the link below.

Seattle NWS: 2009—Highlights of Washington’s Crazy Weather Year

As for the start of 2010? It looks like a pretty mild week or so as several warm weather systems crash into our area with highs in the mid and upper 40s, but it will remain cold enough in  the mountains to produce some good snow. Certainly good news considering we’re in the heart of a moderate El Nino winter. It appears the way we’re going, skiing and water supply is all systems go as mountain snowpack  is nearly 100% of normal!

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