U.N. Says Free Condoms Can Battle Climate Change


Up next in the (unfortunate) politically tumultuous climate change battle? Population control.

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And because I can’t think of an appropriate segue to use right now, I’ll just move right along…

Get ready for a stormy New Years holiday! Moderate rain is headed for Western WA and OR along with some breezy winds (nothing too out of the ordinary…I’d say 20-30 mph) through the first part of the weekend. We dry out midday Saturday through the first couple days of the new week of the new year until more heavy rain and wind return by mid week.

We should see some decent mountain snow out of this. The upcoming pattern is certainly not typical of an El Nino year, but I’m not seeing any signs of decent cold/snow for the lowlands either…

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  1. Next we will have green abortions. Just think of environmental impact of not allowing a person to live. Maybe we could just dump the whole next generation.

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