Bah Humbug!: Old Man Winter is Really Mr. Scrooge?


It sure appears that way as Old Man Winter just “Bah Humbug!”-ged all over our snow day yesterday. Drat. Oh well, I suppose techincally it’s not winter yet. There’s still plenty of time left to throw snow back into the forecast! 😉

The scene outside is anything but a winter wonderland, but it’s what we’ve grown to familiarize ourselves with (Did you know one year ago today it was 28 degrees and sunny with snow on the ground? I miss those good ol’ days…). Expect periods of moderate rain through the afternoon tapering off to showers this evening with the rain picking back up tomorrow. Highs will generally stay in the mid to upper 40s, which is normal for this time of year (Gasp! Normal? Didn’t think it was possible!)

Rain (moderate to heavy at times) will continue Thursday and Thursday night before a break in the precip arrives Friday and *possibly* through the weekend. But with that dry spell comes some chilly air. And when precip arrives Monday well…let’s not go there right now. We all know what happened last time precip arrived with chilly air in place on a Monday 😉

By request, I’ll be doing a Winter Break forecast later this week! Watch out for that!


44 thoughts on “Bah Humbug!: Old Man Winter is Really Mr. Scrooge?

  1. Are you saying it might snow on Christmas?
    I checked and it just surprised me with the snow and cold that they’re predicting to surge in just in time for christmas. Is there any chance?

  2. Ha, I was just about to comment about the snow chance that showed up on the 10 day for xmas eve and xmas day! I’m saying it will snow because I love snow and will be in Bellevue at my parents on Xmas day. So it’ll be rain there and snow tons here. 🙂

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