Ready for Round Two of the Storm Parade?


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**A WIND ADVISORY remains in effect for all of Kitsap County. Click here for more information**

This is “sitting by the fire” weather for sure!

Today was an excessively wet day with a total of 1.11” of rain recorded in the rain gauge…and that’s just as of 5:34 PM. I expect close to 2” by midnight with another .50” or so by tomorrow afternoon. This will definitely help us avoid a “below normal precipitation” month that some were forecasting! (Heh heh…yeah, I was one of those folks 😉 But hey! I got the late September/October pattern right!)

Expect periods of moderate to heavy rainfall to persist through the evening/night with wind at calm levels until later on tonight as a secondary storm front blows through the area. Winds will increase to sustained levels of 20-30 mph across the greater Kitsap Peninsula with gusts as high as 50. With gusts as high as expected, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of some downed trees/power lines by tomorrow morning.

Heavy rain will continue tomorrow but subside, along with the winds, by the afternoon. By then we can all release a BIG sigh of relief before more rain and wind overtakes the area Wednesday evening into Thursday.

More rain (at times moderate) will continue throughout next weekend into the following week, but the good news is this will be cold rain, so that means making up for lost snow in the mountains!

Have a safe evening!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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