“Snow” Update and Pee Wee Championship Forecast

So…why is the word “snow” in quotations? Because I think this “chance” of “rain mixed with snow” spiraled out of control to mean something along the lines of a “huge winter snowstorm ready to blast the Northwest”.

In actuality, folks, this “snow” chance really looks like nothing more than a mix of rain and snow…perhaps very wet snow for a brief period of time on  hills 500′ and above. There are showers to our north in the form of a convergence zone (I should do a post on that weather pattern soon…) and it could drift down to Central Kitsap. If the showers are heavy enough, we could see a mix of rain and snow as temperatures are only in the upper 30s and lower 40s as of 10:00. But overall, nothing to worry about.

But be it rain, snow, wind, hail, you name it, that won’t stop the Warren Avenue Knights from playing at the Pee Wee Football Championships on Saturday at Bremerton High School at 10:00 am. They defeated North Mason 31-0 and are going to fight to win the championships 2 years in a row! Here’s what it looks like:

championships weather

As for the weather for the rest of the week? Plan on some pretty wet systems moving through the area every 48 hours or so starting Monday. Rain will increase during the day Monday and could turn quite heavy before a day of lighter rain Tuesday and Wednesday before another strong front pushes through Thursday. The details still need to be worked out, but overall it looks like pretty seasonable weather for mid November!

And, wouldn’t you know it, long range models have been pretty consistent on a tranquil Thanksgiving holiday. Models have been flip-flopping on whether it will be really cold or really mild, but at this point it looks really calm! 😉

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17 thoughts on ““Snow” Update and Pee Wee Championship Forecast

  1. What, no rain, wind, snow, downed trees, power outages and cooking the turkey on the grill this Thanksgiving?? That’ll be a REAL reason to give thanks! 😉

  2. JoAnne:

    So true! That Thanksgiving forecast sure does seem too good to be true, doesn’t it? Let’s hope it holds!

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