Blast of Cold this Weekend, Blast of Rain Next Week

Soaking November Rain

Hope you didn’t make any outdoor plans! This is a forecast map displaying a strong storm that will drop buckets of water across Kitsap on Monday

Today was the definition of PERFECT fall weather. And I mean perfect. Crisp temperatures in the upper 40s, sunshine, a light wind and no rain (well, at least not in the daylight hours 😉 ). I know many of you enjoyed coming up for air today, but it appears we’ll be back in the fish tank soon enough. Before we get there, though, a blast of chilly air will visit this weekend.

After a tranquil Thursday, Friday will feature more in the way of clouds and rain. But high temperatures will be noticeably cooler in the low to mid 40s. That’s about where we average in winter! At night, snow levels will also plummet to 1,000′ and possibly even lower in the heavier showers. I’m not about to mention the “s” word, but hey…if you see some lumpy rain Friday night, consider yourself lucky! Lows will sink near freezing once skies clear.

Now here’s where it gets complicated: a strong tropical weather system will sucker-punch either B.C., Western Washington or somewhere in between, but weather models are confused as to where this storm system wants to go. If the firehose IS aimed at us, we could look at a prolonged period of steady, moderate to heavy rain for 48 hours straight—or more. This is a complex situation, so stay tuned as details change.

After a soaking end to the weekend/start to next week, look for pretty typical Washington rain and mountain snow.

Hey, any pattern that brings snow to the mountains is fine with me! 🙂

P.S. My official winter outlook will be released sometime next week…watch out for it!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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  1. Well if the convergence zone forms behind the cold front then snow levels could drop all the way down to 750′ mabye a little lower in those heavier showers but mix in those heavier showers around 500′ i may obviously be wrong but who knows

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