WEATHER PHOTOS: Storm Creates Giant Waves on Coast, Monster Funnel Cloud in Enumclaw

Just take a look at these breathtaking photos of the wind storm that raced along Cape Disappointment on Friday. This is at the north entrance to the Columbia River (photos taken by WesternUSAWx Forum poster “weathercrazy”):

windy beaches 1windy beaches 2windy beaches 3

Not only did this monster of a storm produce gigantic waves, but a funnel cloud in Enumclaw. This is the second funnel cloud to hit the area, the first occuring over Labor Day Weekend back in September (1st photo by Tyson Gambin of Enumclaw, 2nd photo by Steven Williams of Buckley):

funnel cloud 1funnel cloud 2

As you can see, this storm was a biggie. Scott Sistek of KOMO 4 Weather writes: “A buoy out in the middle of it in the Gulf of Alaska reported a pressure of just 946 millibars, which is about 27.95″ on the mercury scale and just short of Category 4 hurricane strength, had it been a hurricane.” And just to think, as crazy as the weather was this weekend, it could have been worse!

And more good news: the mountains have been getting hammered. Check the Mountain Forecast pages under “More Information” for…well, more information 🙂

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  1. Matt,do you have a higher resolution set of those images of the waves?

    I would like to use one of them for my pc’s desktop background.(currently I have lightning over Seattle btw)


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