BOO!: Mother Nature is Goin’ Trick or Treating!


Happy Halloween, everyone! Ahh, the memories. From 7th through 12th grade it was a tradition of mine to dress up as something inflatable: a sumo wrester…ninja…even Elvis. But this year, I’m not so sure what to dress up as. Maybe a weatherman? Nah, too predictable. Maybe as El Nino so as to scare the living daylights out of all the skiers and snowboarders? 😉 Regardless, it appears Mother Nature is doing her share of tricks and treats.

TRICK (and treat!): Last year Scott Sistek of KOMO TV posted a satellite picture taken one year ago, October 30th, 2008, displaying some pretty cool Halloween images. The picture has not been altered in any way…it’s the real deal! Can you spot two creepy Halloween figures in the below picture?:

creepy satellite

Do you see them? No? Well, I took this picture into “Paint” and outlined the images:

creepy satellite 2

EDITED 11:55 AM—A commenter has noticed that there are two more zombie-looking formations in the clouds. I was only able to find one more, however. If you look a little past the Canadian border, you can spot a long zombie-looking face stretching across all of B.C. with two eyes, a small nose and a frowned mouth. Isn’t that cool?! Maybe I’m impressed a little too easily, but I thought it was cool that this satellite was taken just a day before Halloween. What are the odds? If you find any more images…let me know!

TREAT: As for the forecast for tonight, the top story on the Kitsap Sun homepage might be a little misleading: I am 99% sure you won’t need an umbrella tonight. I would say 100%, but it IS late October after all and I don’t want to become the blame of some poor child’s wet candy and costume, so I have that 1% to fall back on 😉 But in all seriousness, you should be JUST fine. Here’s what I’m expecting:


As always, stay safe out there, do your activities in groups, and bring some pepper spray to fend off any whippersnappin’ hoodlums who try to steal your or your child’s Halloween candy! Or instead of the spray, maybe you could just bring that umbrella anyway. It could come in handy in more ways than one!

Anyway, let’s move on. I probably shouldn’t be endorsing violence on my blog. The rest of your weekend and week next week look very seasonable…and boring. I’m going to have to be creative this next week with my blog posts!

Have a great evening everyone and enjoy yourselves!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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19 thoughts on “BOO!: Mother Nature is Goin’ Trick or Treating!

  1. Speaking of strange cloud formations,do you know of the phenomenon of ‘Punch Hole Clouds’?

    Check these out Matt,very cool.

    When you have some free time,can you make a post about these and those other strange clouds like these ones as well?

    Very scary looking stuff,but beautiful in an eerie way..

  2. Shawn:

    Very interesting! I need some stuff to blog about next week, so that should help! Thanks!

    Mary: You’re right! I see one more cloud formation right above the Canadian border that looks like a zombie…weird. Where’s the other one?

  3. Hey Matt,

    Something inflatable huh…….hmmmm….How about going as one of our local politicians. There are many to choose from in both parties. Most are just full of hot air anyways:-)

    Thanks for the forcast!

  4. Great joke matt i know what you mean 3 years ago i was taking my kids out trick or treating and there was a girl 10 years old ran up to us and said dont go down the road we were about to go apparently a whole bunch of teenagers were taking everyones candy i never let my kids go down the road ever the images in the clouds very creepy!

  5. Hey Matt,

    Kitsap area Pee Wee Football Teams are headed into the playoffs this week. How about a special forecast of game days just for them? They would get a big kick out of it.

    Quarter Finals: Saturday November 7th, Games running all day starting at 10am in the East Bremerton area and South Kitsap.

    Semi Finals: Wednesday November 11th, Games start in the evening around 5 pm from West Bremerton to Silverdale.

    Final Championship Game: Saturday November 14th, Bremerton High School. Games running all day starting around 10am. Last game starts at 4pm.

    Thanks from a “Team Mom”

    Go Warren Avenue Knights!

  6. Colleen: HAHAHA! I couldn’t agree more, though I think if I had as much hot air as some of our local politicians, my costume would pop 😉

    Regarding your second comment, that idea sounds splendid. I’ll be sure to cook a special forecast up just for them!

    Matt: Yup! Some kids can be mean sometimes!

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