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38° = Average Temperature in Bremerton Today


When I realized I could still see my breath at 1:00 in the afternoon, I knew we were headed for a colder day than predicted, but I didn’t think we’d be stuck in the mid 40s all day after a low of 33. The low clouds certainly helped sock the cold in, limiting the heating potential. We see that very often in the fall and winter, and it can typically help out snow enthusiasts.

Before moisture for snow arrives in the winter, it is almost always a good sign when the skies clear in the evening and start to cloud up by daybreak. That way, the morning clouds trap in the overnight chill, keeping it cold enough to snow. Any sunbreaks during the day typically damage the possibility of the white stuff at all because of the rapid heating it produces (unless we’re in the middle of an arctic intrusion) ;).

ANYWAY, the point is…cloud cover all day after a VERY chilly night leads to winter-like days. The high today, as mentioned above, was 44 after a low of 33—that’s an average of just 38 degrees! Brrrr! Yesterday was quite chilly as well, with a high of 50 after a low of 28—an average of 39 degrees.

How long will this chill last? Forecast models have been spazzy at best, toying around with several different scenarios for the remainder of the week. You would think there would be a better handle of things less than 24 hours before tomorrow’s “storm” arrives, but there’s still a great deal of uncertainty. Right now, it’s looking like a wet day tomorrow, but it will be milder than today…actually, quite possibly 10 degrees warmer.

Friday will feature periods of heavy rain, but will be even milder with highs in the mid to upper 50s because of the tropical associations this plume of moisture has entrenched in it.

Cloudy, humid and mild weather continues through the weekend. Halloween looks completely rain free and has looked dry for several model runs, so let’s hope that holds!

Showers and sunbreaks with seasonable temperatures for early November look to be the dominant pattern next week.

Have a great evening!

Matthew Leach

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