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A lot of you have been dying for a mountain ski/snowboard update, asking when the first significant snowfall of the season will blanket the mountain tops and if this El Nino will make it nearly impossible to have an enjoyable season.

First of all, we have some snow in the forecast (remember…I’m talking about the mountains 😉 ), but it doesn’t look substantial. Next week the weather here in the lowlands will turn sharply colder, resulting in a winter-like chill down here and a winter-like scene “up there”. Temperatures in the mountain passes will be in the low to mid 30s with lows in the 20s, so definitely cold enough for snow, but not cold enough for it to stick very well and last.

Long range models are hinting at some big ol’ snow piling up in the mountains the weekend of Halloween/the first week of November, which would be perfect timing. Let’s hope that forecast holds!

The second question is regarding the state of the El Nino. Currently it’s weak and hasn’t been growing nearly as viciously as some forecasters were calling for. In fact, many meteorologists are predicting a demise of our little El Nino by early December or so, paving the way to a return to possible neutral conditions for the remainder of the winter meaning a much better chance for mountain (and lowland) snow to continue.

I am glad I was able to report good news today! As for the weather down here, expect periods of moderate rain tomorrow with breezy conditions, dry weather Saturday and then more rain (potentially significant, but I’m keeping my eyes on it…) Sunday. Next week looks much colder with occasional rain.

Have a great day!

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