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Moscow, Russia Mayor Promises a Winter Without Snow


Just one of the many reasons why Moscow is on the bottom of my “I MUST LIVE THERE!!!” list

I found this article on Yahoo News about the Mayor of Moscow hiring the Russian Airforce, “for just a few million dollars” (guess whose pockets that money is coming from!), to spray a “fine chemical mist” that will force the clouds to dump its snow outside the city limits.

WARNING, MATT LEACH WILL NOW GO ON A BRIEF, PASSIONATE EDITORIAL RANT: I don’t normally voice my opinion about things on this blog, but I must say: I found this idea to be one of the most ridiculous, pompous, control-freak things I have ever heard. To think that the government is pushing to control not only its people, but nature is mind-blowing. Will it work? Considering the David vs. Goliath aspect of this project, probably not the way the mayor imagines. Click here for the full story.

Whew…I think I have collected myself! No such absurdities have been reported in this area, but it appears we won’t need such a chemical anyway as both rain and snow will be a minimal factor this week for the lowlands. Partly sunny skies will be the story for tomorrow before a bit of rain moves in Wednesday. Another break arrives Thursday before more rain comes in Friday. The on again off again pattern continues into the weekend before a much colder and wetter airmass moves into our region, signalling a return to winter weather in the mountain passes!

Governor Gregoire, if you so much as spray a chemical over those mountains to keep it from snowing there to promote avalanche safety, so help me…just kidding 😉

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