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AccuWeather.com Releases Final 2009-2010 Winter Outlook

I guess the NOAA is going to release their winter outlook sometime later today or tomorrow, but we all know what they’re going to say: “above normal temperatures with below normal precipitation” in the Pacific Northwest. And you know what? For the past several years they’ve been blowtorching the Northwest, only to get blowtorched themselves year after year.

So the government-based weather organization is going to get a bit of a snub from me because they’ve flubbed way too many times to be taken seriously. And while AccuWeather.com is not exactly the best source for long range weather (in my opinion, of course) they tend to be a little more accurate. Here’s their latest 2009-2010 weather outlook for temperatures and precipitation: 



Hey snow lovers…can you say “Ouch”?! If this forecast comes true, we would experience the dullest winter since 2002-2003. I guess given what we’ve been slipping and sliding through since 2006, we’re about due. But still…I’m not liking this forecast 🙁

I have to say, though, I’m not exactly agreeing with this forecast, and that isn’t because I’m biased. AccuWeather is east coast based, meaning it spends most of its time forecasting for the east coast, and very little time on the west coast, which is why their forecast accuracy for us isn’t necessarily the best. My winter outlook will come out later this month into November, but I must say, my fall forecast is verifying pretty well so far!

Moving on, within the past 24 hours Bremerton Airport has picked up 0.41” of rain! It was an extremely wet and dangerous morning. I hyrdoplaned into work! Literally…I almost wiped out on the highway…not fun. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

More heavy rain is in the forecast later tomorrow through Friday before lighter, normal Washington rain returns for the weekend with sunbreaks.

Have a fantastic day!

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