Daily Archives: October 13, 2009

Rainy, “Mild” Week Ahead

Brief post this evening—

We have a wet week on tap! The rain gauge was largely unimpressive today with only 0.05” of rain recorded. Well…I suppose “unimpressive” is relative, because by the end of the week 0.05” will seem like drizzle.

Some tropical moisture is going to be aimed right at us for your Wednesday so be prepared for some breezy conditions and a moderate, steady rain for your morning commute. The rain will turn to showers and some sunbreaks are likely by the afternoon. Highs will be milder than today due to the tropical nature of this storm, averaging near 60.

A calm start to your Thursday will give way to periods of moderate to heavy rain that will last through Friday before a *mostly* pleasant weekend takes hold.

Sorry for the late, boring and brief post guys! I’ve been quite busy lately!