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How Cold Did it Get Last Night?


Photo by: Anonymous; taken in Lake Geneva, Switzerland after a massive ice storm

Well it didn’t get THAT cold 😉

I’ll say one thing: Bremerton Airport did not break any records for yesterday and is not likely to break the record of 28 degrees tonight. But I don’t think that really mattered to a lot of you: it was plain cold this morning!

Several locations across the peninsula recorded temperatures in the 20s with a 26 degree reading in Seabeck, 27 degrees in Shelton and 29 degrees in Port Orchard. Others of you stayed in the 30s all night, and Bremerton Airport was one of those locations. The station dipped to 30 degrees early this morning, still very much qualifying for a solid freeze. Some folks, however, didn’t even make it to freezing. This was likely because of low elevation or exposure to wind which typically mixes out the colder air.

We still have another cold night on tap with lows in the 20s still possible for some locations, though most of us will stay near freezing tonight—again, not like when you’re standing outside that makes much of a difference! Clouds are streaming into the area which will prevent temperatures from falling too far. The record low for Monday is 37 degrees set in 1997, and I’m pretty sure we will break that.

Columbus Day will feature mostly cloudy skies with continued cool temperatures in the low to mid 50s, but it will be dry. The rain moves in overnight which will continue through Tuesday with some breezy conditions. The rain won’t be very heavy, but it will definitely be enough to move whatever you’re doing outside, inside. Temperatures will still remain cool in the mid to upper 50s.

Wednesday and Thursday are both wet, but Thursday will be the wettest of the two with increasingly heavier rain as the day progresses.

Friday we cut back on the rain amounts but a much wetter storm system blows through early Saturday morning dumping some heavy rain. The rest of your Saturday, however, doesn’t look too bad, just a typical breezy, moist October day.

Now I’ve been meaning to write a post on El Nino and how it is weakening. I’m still working on it and will hopefully post about it tomorrow or Tuesday. For now, have a great evening!

Matthew Leach

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