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Cold Snap Update #2: Challenging Records Tonight

**UPDATE 7:10 PM—The NWS has issued a SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT highlighting the freezing temperatures this weekend and stormy week ahead. Click here to read the statement**

It turned out to be a pretty cloudy day today which some of you may have been disappointed with, but the cloud layer was very thin and it didn’t rain a drop, so today wasn’t really THAT bad outdoor-wise. It was a chilly one though, with the Bremerton Airport recording a high of 55 degrees.

You’ve no doubt noticed the clouds clearing out this evening and they’ll continue to disperse as the night wears on. With the very dry air, clearing skies and calm winds tonight, low temperatures will likely dip into the 20s in spots across the peninsula, mainly along the Hood Canal/Seabeck areas and other locations with decent elevation. As long as those clouds stay away, we should have a hard freeze tomorrow morning. Frost likely won’t be an issue because of how dry the airmass is, but it will be frigid either way.

The record for this date is 30 degrees set in 2008 (wait a second…last year?!) and the record low for tomorrow is 28 degrees also set in 2008. We’ll get awfully close to these records over the next two nights, and if we do break them it won’t be by much. But I am expecting a low in the 20s to be recorded at the Bremerton Airport sometime this weekend. We’ll see exactly when, won’t we? 😉

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny (unlike today!) with highs struggling to reach the mid 50s. This is a seriously cold air mass moving into our region, so bundle up if you plan on going out tomorrow!

After another cold, frigid October morning we warm up just a tad Monday and stream in a few more clouds ahead of our next active weather pattern for this upcoming week. Plan on a bit of rain Tuesday, but the bigger story will be the gusty winds. A strong low pressure system will be swinging along our coast Tuesday and Wednesday, resulting in very windy conditions. This is also a milder storm, so highs will get back to seasonal norms by then.

Another storm approaches Thursday with breezy winds and temps near 60. Rain and cloudy skies look to persist through the weekend.

And, looking into the long range, we could be getting a “nice” dumping of rain over the next little while. Like I’ve said over and over again: the pendulum never ceases to stop swinging!

Have a great weekend,

Matthew Leach

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