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**WEATHER ALERT: Arctic Cold and Lows in the 20s to Strike Kitsap


*EDIT: I edited the title to this post…it appears there was a misunderstanding. Kitsap low temperature WILL NOT dip as low as 20 degrees. By 20 degree temperatures, I meant temperatures in the 20s, but I see how that was confusing.

“There you go again, Matt! Using dramatic language to ignite hysteria among your readers!”

But remember, I don’t dramatize weather events on this blog. You can go to AccuWeather for that (heh heh 😉 ) This is the “No Spin Zone” when it comes to weather details. Folks, we not only made history with the cold earlier this month but we’re about to do it again, except in a MUCH more dramatic January-like fashion.

Over the past few days weather models have been forcing some unseasonably cold weather from Canada further and further west, resulting in an early season cold snap that will ensure you get your first hard freeze this weekend just in case you missed your chance this past week. Take a look at the most recent temperature map for early Sunday morning. It shows lows in the mid 20s to low 30s across Kitsap—nearly 20 degrees below normal!


And on top of that, we can expect daytime highs over the weekend only to rise to the low and mid 50s, possibly only upper 40s in some locations. BUT, it will be sunny and crisp so no snow yet and it will still be perfect pumpkin patch weather!

Many professionals are calling this blast of winter-like arctic air the earliest in recorded history, with the closest tie to 1949 when something very similar to this happened. As some of you may know, 1949-1950 was among the snowiest and coldest winters in recorded history for the Seattle area and many other locations in the Northwest.

Weather models want to warm us up a tad early next week but we also bring back the rain and wind. Temps next week will average in the mid 50s with periods of rain. Nothing too heavy right now, just plain ol’ Washington rain. Good news is, the mountains will be seeing snow next week!

Stay tuned to this blog for updates. Is it still possible for models to completely change tune? Yes. After all, this event is EXTREMELY rare and the slightest change in wind direction could change everything. Just note: no matter what happens, it will still be very chilly this upcoming weekend!!!

Matthew Leach

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