Perfect Pumpkin Picking Weather!


Ahhh…what a gorgeous day! I would say this is the definition of a perfect fall day, but there’s one thing that has been getting on my nerves: the wind. I love windstorms, but when the wind constantly blows on a day like this it kinda ruins the moment. Aside from that, the high today only reached 54 degrees which is 11 degrees below normal after a low of 37. Crisp, fall days are my favorite!

Tomorrow will be similar, except maybe a bit warmer with highs nearing 60. If you haven’t gone to the local pumpkin patch, I suggest you go sometime between today and this upcoming Friday. After that we get back into a pretty wet and cold pattern so pick up those pumpkins while you can!…unless you like being wet while doing it, then by all means, go the following week! 😉

Overall, expect a very pleasant week this week for any outdoor plans you may have. Highs will range from the low 60s earlyt his week to possibly near 70 by the end. Don’t you just love the variability?

Have a fantastic weekend,

Matthew Leach

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