Chilly Weather Stats: Freezing Temps and More


I apologize for posting this so late. I have been pretty darn busy the last couple of days and I neglected to do a post about the very impressive chilly weather spell we are currently under.


First question: Did Bremerton Airport record its first low of 32 degrees this season on Wednesday?

The answer: Yes, it did! At 5:55 AM Wednesday morning the temperature dipped to 32.0 degrees, one of the earliest 32 degree readings I can ever remember. It rose to 33 degrees briefly and then back down to 32 at 7:15 AM and stayed there until 7:55. If you thought it felt cold a couple mornings ago…you’re right!

Second question: Did it really end up being as cold and wet as you forecasted?

The answer: Yes and no. Yes, it did end up being just as cold, if not colder than I predicted but it certainly hasn’t been wetter. This has been one of those rare moments where we have less rain and more cold despite a deep trough sagging in the Northwest. We’ve recieved only 0.34” of rain since Monday which may seem like a lot, but forecast models were predicting a lot more. Still, the weather has been quite bone-chilling lately.

For instance, we’ve only reached 60 degrees ONCE this whole week, and that was on Monday. Temperatures have averaged (highs and lows) in the upper 40s and lower 50s all week with today being the coldest day of the week as the temperature only made it up to 53—12 degrees below normal. Pretty darn impressive!


Third question: What does this string of chilly weather have to do with El Nino?

The answer: It doesn’t. El Nino and La Nina typically have very little effect on fall patterns here. It’s effects are most pronounced in the winter time. I think we’ll start feeling El Nino’s effects (granted it doesn’t weaken, which it may) in late November.

And of course many of you have been asking: when is the sunshine coming back! Don’t worry you spoiled sunshine brats, you’re getting your wish soon enough. 😉 First, however, we have to take one more day of cool weather. Skies will be partly sunny but highs will likely not crack above 60 degrees.

Temperatures warm a tad Sunday with the sun breaking through even more before a string of very sunny and seasonably warm sunny days next week! Highs will likely be in the mid to upper 60s for the most part with some lower 70s possible later in the week.

Hey, I suppose variety is good, right? The hot weather fans got their 93 degree reading last week and the cold weather fans got to freezing on Wednesday. Everyone’s happy!

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  1. man thats cold 32 degress in september this morning in duvall we hit a low of 34-33 degrees with some frost earlier but still very cold 😀

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