Beauty of An Alaskan Fall

I have never been to Alaska, but I have been to Norway and it was amazing. I imagine Alaska is very similar…at least in climate. Someday I’ll go there and experience the beauty of that area, especially in the fall.

Fellow blog readers and contributors Jason and Colleen Smidt sent me photos of “fall in its full glory” while on vacation in Minto, Alaska and Cook Inlet on the Kenai Peninsula




river reflection

Aren’t these pictures awesome?! Thanks to Jason and Colleen for providing these pictures. It looks like the weather was spectacular up there!

I can’t say the same about down here as we still have a straggling area of low pressure slowly exiting the area. BUT it will definitely feel like Alaska! I’m sure you noticed the sunbreaks this morning. This will cause some minor instability this afternoon which could set off some late-season thunderstorms/thundershowers. Highs will remain in the 50s (little side note, as of 1:3o PM the high temperature is Bremerton is 54 degrees! That’s cold!)

Tomorrow will be a dry but cool day with plenty of sunbreaks but more clouds, showers and sunbreaks return for the latter part of this week. The good news is we should have a pretty pleasant, pumpkin-patch-like weekend!

Long range models are trending towards a complete 180 next week with sun and mild weather making a comeback. Stay tuned!

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29 thoughts on “Beauty of An Alaskan Fall

  1. Hey Matt, just went to Alaska on a cruise it is beautiful! Perhaps you need to book a cruise sometime soon. The food is great and if you want reccomendatings I am here for ya just like I am for sports.

    Alaska was not that cold in Sept when I went.

  2. Thanks for posting these Matt. Jason is thrilled that his vacation photo’s are officially part of the blog now.

    One small correction…both of these pictures are from the Fairbanks area. The Cook Inlet picture was one of the others that I sent to you. No biggie. Alaska is spectacular no matter where you look.

    Cruises are ok, but Alaska provides ample opportunities to get ALL the way away from trapping of Corporate America. That is how we, as a family and individually, have spent the majority of our time in Alaska and have loved every minute of it. Jason said the best thing about this trip was that he was able to completely disconnect from the civilized and digitized world. Besides, the Cruise ships stop running mid-September, so if you choose to go in the fall, they are not much of an option past that point.

  3. well i know its not about alaska but it felt like it i went outside and it was hailing there were 2 centemerters in 5 minutes of pebble sized hail and it felt like it was 30 degrees outside

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