The Gusty Winds and Rain Have Arrived

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UPDATED 8:00 PM—Right on cue, rain is spreading throughout the area, affecting a huge chunk of Kitsap County, but largely shadowing (for now) the CK/Bainbridge areas. But everyone will get some rain tonight into tomorrow as this front blows through.

Speaking of which, did you notice the incredible wind today? The Bremerton Airport recorded a maximum wind gust of 40 mph today! It doesn’t surprise me, as I saw the trees swaying back and forth with leaves flying around aimlessly outside the office window. I expected it to be windy, just not THIS windy! And, to top it all off, the temperature spread today was 60/37, meaning an average temperature of 48 degrees!! If you thought it felt cold today, you were right!

And it looks to get only colder.

Tomorrow doesn’t look as depressing as previously thought. In fact, we may even eke out a few decent sunbreaks. But it will be just as gusty, if not more so, than today. Plus, expect periods of rain, even colder temperatures and possible thundershowers to add to the mix! It’ll be a fun weather day to say the least—well, for me anyway 😉

We get a break on Wednesday with continued cool, crisp fall weather before more clouds, rain and cool temperatures overtake the area again Wednesday night through the first part of the weekend.

Overall, this week isn’t looking nearly as wet as previously thought, BUT I still recommend bundling up. It’ll take a while to get used to these chilly temps.

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