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Perfect Day for a Bike Ride!


**Before I get to the topic of this post, I’d like to mention a quick little tidbit. Since 2006 I have been producing fall and winter predictions for the region and I then grade myself when winter is over. I’d like to try that on this blog this year, so look out for my FALL 2009 WEATHER OUTLOOK (Late Sept through November) this weekend! My winter forecast will be released sometime in early-mid November.**

Today I purchased a new mountain bike. I’ve been meaning to get out more amidst my busy schedule and I have made a goal to bike every day before work on the days I work in Port Orchard and TO work on my Silverdale days. Let’s just hope this winter doesn’t end up being too wet or I might be scary looking to some orthodontic patients on those rainy days 😉

Anyway, the weather today was almost as perfect as perfect can be. Morning rain followed by a beautiful rainbow:


And the rest of the day was generally mostly cloudy, but there were plenty of sunbreaks and highs got into the 70s. Overall, a very good day to test out the bike.

If you’re itching to do something outdoorsy this weekend, you’re in luck! First we’ll have to get through tomorrow which will be easy considering partly sunny skies will dominate with highs temperatures again bouncing into the low and mid 70s.

Friday through Sunday will feature temperature well above normal (normal is 72 degrees, by the way) with mostly sunny skies and highs jumping anywhere from the mid 70s to mid 80s. I’m thinking temperatures won’t get as warm as some models are insisting, and it would be wise of me not to overachieve on the numbers. Why? Well, I think we’ve all noticed daylight is getting shorter and shorter every day and longer nights mean a stunt on how warm the temperatures can be each day. But with a little east wind we could make up for the lost time so stay tuned.

Cooler weather with more showers looks likely early next week but…let’s focus on what appears to be summers last hiccup!

Have a great evening,

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