80 Degree Weather Returning to Kitsap County!

I’m going to let my personal bias bleed through juuuust a little bit here and say I’m not exactly estatic over news of 80s returning to the 7 day forecast. But I know a lot of folks out there would like an extra few days to soak up the rays and maybe hit the lake one more time before fall really kicks into gear.

Yesterday was an incredible weather day with 0.51” of rain in the rain gauge, the most rain received in one day since early May. There was also hail, gusts of wind, brilliant sunshine and even funnel clouds! Truly a fun and exciting day for those who like weather-watching. From Saturday through Labor Day morning (11:00 AM) the rain gauge has picked up a total of 0.73”—a wet, cold and stormy Labor Day Weekend indeed!

The rest of today will feature lighter showers, sunbreaks and clouds with cool highs in the low 60s (yesterday we reached just 60 degrees, nearly 15 degrees below normal). The sun will make a more grand appearance tomorrow, but it Wednesday’s forecast seems to keep deteriorating with each model run. I expect more clouds and rain possible, but exactly how much rain is spotty…overall expect a cool and showery day.

Now on to when we may see the 80s return to the forecast. Thursday looks partly sunny with highs nearing 80, but this upcoming weekend is looking positively goregous with mostly sunny skies and highs in the low to mid 80s. Again, models have been waffling on the details, but I’d bet for a very pleasant weekend next weekend.

Cooler, more fall-like weather returns for the following week.

Have a fantastic day!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap




32 thoughts on “80 Degree Weather Returning to Kitsap County!

  1. i dont want the 80s to come back either i want fall and winter ohh and it is a comfirmed EF1 EF0 tornado in the lake tapps enumclaw area and how cool and how fall like next week???

  2. Yes, well my husband left for Fairbanks Alaska on Saturday. He called me on Sunday to brag that it was 70 degress and a bright blue sky up there….way better than it was here on the same day. The mountains were brillint, the stars at night bright and clear. Where is the justice in that?

  3. Matt: Yup! The tornado was confirmed. I did a post about it this afternoon.

    Colleen: That sounds wonderful! I love sunny weather, but not so much the heat that often comes with it. 70 and sunny sounds great!

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