Labor Day Weekend Weather: Rainy, Breezy and Cold

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I’m recovering quite nicely from all 4 of my wisdom teeth extractions. Exactly after the procedure, I remember being so loopy that I was crying and laughing at the same time saying, “I don’t know why I’m doing this!” Though it sounded like: “I bought oh I I oing is!” because of all the gauze in my mouth. All the numbing is gone, but I have to frequently take meds and put icepacks on my face to keep the swelling down.

But back to the weather…you know, I realized I haven’t done a post 100% related to our weather here in some time because of all the wacky and weird weather stories occuring over the past several weeks. So let’s get to it, because a lot of you want to know what the weather is going to be like this Labor Day Weekend, and as predicted several days ago: it’s still looking quite cool and soggy.

First, let’s talk about today: it will remain partly to mostly cloudy today with some breezy winds and showers, though the showers are dying off and we’ll be left with mostly clouds. Highs will get to near 70 if we can manage a few sunbreaks.

Tomorrow looks generally cloudy with possibly a few light showers. It was looking like a wetter day, but models have pretty much canceled any signficant rain for tomorrow. Highs will be in the upper 60s.

And then there’s Saturday. We’ve made it through Memorial Day Weekend, the 4th of July and even SeaFair dry and comfortable, but it looks like we’ll stop the “nice holiday weekends” at 3 out of 4. Saturday will be a very raw late summer day as a big rainstorm is expected to barrel through the state, dropping moderate to even heavy rain all day with breezy winds of 20-25 mph and high temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. In fact, this is looking like the coolest and wettest day we will have since early May.

Sunday will continue the cloudy and cool theme, though it doesn’t look NEARLY as rainy as Saturday.

Labor Day itself looks a bit showery and cool at times, but because Mother Nature has a sense of humor, we’ll see the sun break out and temperatures rise from Tuesday through most of next week.

In fact, if we’re to believe what’s in store for most of next week, we may squeeze out a few  more extra days of summer as highs could possibly flirt with 80 again. Don’t get too excited just yet, but that’s where some of the weather models have trended. Stay tuned…

Have a great day! I’m now going to go eat my rainbow sherbet and watch The Weather Channel 😉

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11 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Weather: Rainy, Breezy and Cold

  1. Good to hear that your recovering from your teeth getting pulled.

    I had 20 something teeth pulled at one time.”The Butcher Of Perry Ave.” literally knocked me out..So I know what your going through.

    Great to see that fall is around the corner.I love it here sooo much in the fall.So beautiful to see the trees change,and I LOVE the storms!

    BTW..I will comment on the Chemtrail post later.I too have been very busy the last couple of weeks.

  2. Where were you Matt, sent ya and email asking about thunder and lightning and there was no responce. Yet i go in the tent and around 2:30 i hear a huge rumble and some flashes.

  3. Shawn: Thanks for the comment, and I totally agree! I love fall!

    Eric: ? I never received an e-mail from you. When did you send one?

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