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Weather: The Computer Game!


Welcome to September!

Before I get to the title of this blog post, I’d like to apologize for today’s forecast flub. Good grief! I knew I was in trouble when I was driving to work and I saw a few raindrops smack the windshield this morning. And then I knew I was in REALLY big trouble when it started to pour in Port Orchard (my mom says it was steadily raining in Silverdale). Mother Nature threw a curveball at us! But we better get used to the cool and wet weather because it’s going to stick around.

But back to the topic of this post. I had always thought a weather video game would be fun…you know, high pressure vs. low pressure in an intense death match or a tropical Pineapple Express storm up against a rigorous arctic front from the north. The NOAA has heard the pleas of all the many weather geeks out there and they have developed a new computer game that allows YOU to be the weather forecaster in an intense scenario based on real storms that real meteorologists had to forecast at one time.

There are different levels, but even the easy level can be pretty difficult. If you’re interested in forecasting or intrigued to find out what a weather computer game could be like, visit the home page of the game.


Also, Blog Readers, I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. All 4 of them. The good news is one is already completely grown in and fits perfectly in my mouth, and the other 3 have plenty of room to fit in as well, so the procedure will be a piece of cake. I’m just going to be quite sore and loopy tomorrow so I won’t be posting (even though that would be really funny…I wonder what I would blog about while pumped with drugs? Oh the possibilities!)

Sorry…anyway, I’d like to wish all those going back to school a great and safe time back and I’ll be checking back here in a couple days.


Matthew Leach

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