NOAA’s Official ‘Record Warm Sea Temperature Report’ Likely Not a Record After All

Nothing is set in stone regarding this new find, but it’s looking likely NOAA used incorrect data in their July Sea Surface Temperature Report claiming July’s temperatures were the warmest on record. The original news release from the NOAA  can be read here

The report claiming NOAA’s report is false can be read here (it’s pretty technical!). NOAA still hasn’t put out a statement regarding this find by Dr. Roy Spencer. If they do, I’ll be sure to do a follow-up story on it. 

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28 thoughts on “NOAA’s Official ‘Record Warm Sea Temperature Report’ Likely Not a Record After All

  1. There is an explanation and a link in the comments from ‘Cold Lynx’ (the 7th commenter I believe). I’m not a climate scientists myself but it looks like they report temperatures as a difference from the average, and they adjust the average every ten years based on the new data. Since the new average only affects newly collected data and not the historical data, you’d expect a statistically significant change at the beginning of every decade like the one Dr. Spencer found.

  2. Matt,

    Wattsupwiththat is one of the worst anti-science sites on the web. Virtually nothing can be taken seriously there. Roy Spencer is also in the extreme minority.

  3. Bob—Thanks for that link. I’ll do a follow up post soon.

    Cameron—That statement is all a matter of opinion. I’m sure there are many who would differ.


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