Eerie Photos of SoCal Fires

I know this isn’t related to Kitsap County, but I just had to share some chilling photos taken of wildfires spreading through portions of Southern California, more specifically the LA, Pasadena and Thousand Oaks areas. I don’t know who to give credit to concerning the pictures because I found them on a weather forum (click on the photos for a bigger picture):








Read the AP article about the threatening fires here

The huge billow of clouds you see in these pictures are called: “pyrocumulus” clouds, cumulus clouds caused by fire.

They really need a nice dumping of rain!!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

23 thoughts on “Eerie Photos of SoCal Fires

  1. Yes, these photos are erie, but it’s mostly grass burning. The only reason houses are threatened is that environmental regulations won’t let people remove the dry grasses and shrubs to create a protective area around their houses.

  2. Not exactly true, Bob. Two firefighters have already died fighting these fires with 2,800 more fighting them today. Evacuations are expanding because overnight the fires doubled in size. This is obviously more than just “grass burning”.

  3. so sad to accept the truth, that we must all die, but more sad if you die unexpectedly with different reason., like this, dying because of wildfire…let’s all pray for those who died because of this incident…i am sending my condolence and praying for your peace in heaven together with God and angels out there.

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