Long Range Forecast through Labor Day Weekend

Time for a blog post about the long range! I’ve been following quite a few weather trends over the past several days and while models are still waffling on all the major details, it appears there’s at least some sort of consensus on where we’re headed. First let’s take a look at what the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) has to say about the next 6-10 days temp and precip wise:



So it appears we are headed towards a more fall-like weather pattern with temps in the 80s pretty much non-exsistent until further notice and an increased chance of rain, clouds and highs in the 60s. This is not exactly good news for a couple reasons:

  • Labor Day Weekend, while not a washout by any means, looks cool and damp, making BBQ’s a bit less desirable this year
  • Fall color doesn’t thrive in wet conditions. This is the reason why we had such a brilliant fall coloring last year. September and October of last year were much drier than normal (despite an early October mini-windstorm) with cool temperatures. This helped the tree colors progress brilliantly.

But then again, school is starting up soon, and the cool and wet weather couldn’t come at a better time. Nothing’s worse than sitting in a classroom with sunshine and highs in the 80s outside!

So here’s the long range forecast from September 6th through the 10th:


For the shorter term, we have some stubborn low clouds hanging around and they’ll likely stick around through the day. Tomorrow will start equally as gloomy, but the sun should break through enough to boost temperatures into the mid and upper 70s.

Seasonably warm weather continues Monday until the clouds and cooler temperatures slowly start to move in, overtaking the area by mid-late week next week.

Hope you have a fantastic day!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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