Weather Warfare: The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory


Sounds like a cool title to some Michael Bay film, doesn’t it? But then again, Michael Bay probably wouldn’t direct this film as it isn’t so much action packed as it is suspenseful. So maybe the late Alfred Hitchcock?

Anyway, a fellow blog reader mentioned this subject to me and I found it intriguing enough to post about, though the whole “Chemtrail” topic is one big bizzare and absurd mystery. What is a “chemtrail”? I’m delighted you asked.

I had to do a little looking up myself and found out that chemtrails are dangerous toxins/chemicals sprayed from jets and planes from high altitudes—and the government is “doing it deliberately”. Let me get this straight…the government is commanding jets and planes to fly over major cities and spray deadly toxins in the air so they can pollute the atmosphere thus REALLY adding fuel to the global warming fire, creating even MORE hysteria and eventually putting an end to the human race?! Pretty intense! But is it true?

That, my friends, is going to have to be up to you to decide. Below are a number of websites that describe the “Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory” from many different angles. But before you look at the list, you may be wondering what this has to do with weather.

Supposedly the government has been timing these “sprays” just right, hitting most frequently on clear, breezy days so that the chemicals can have the best chance of spreading fast and affecting the most people. The spraying would prove pretty ineffective on a rainy, cloudy day. Bizzare stuff? Absolutely!

Stolen Skies: The Chemtrail Conspiracy

Chemtrails, an Introduction

Chemtrail conspiracy theory

Chemtrails Debunked

Within these refrences there are also several others, so you should have PLENTY of things to look at and study up on if this subject interests you. It’s certainly an odd weather story, but boy would it make a good suspense movie!

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It’s Friday, so there’s no excuse not to have a great day. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post as I’ll be taking an inside look into the 1st half of September in my long range forecast.

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