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Thunder and Heavy Rain Affecting Kitsap Commute

The atmosphere was extra unstable today. Why? Well…today’s instability was actually not seen in the models until this morning, so obviously this weather pattern has a mind of its own. Let’s just say late in the summer weather patterns here can get rather “moody”.

Here’s the statement by the NWS in Seattle:

“Thunderstorms over Puget Sound will move east over the greater Seattle Metro area by 6 PM. These thunderstorms have been producing heavy rain and occasional lightning…and will move over the Interstate-5 corridor before 6 PM. The area affected by these storms extends from Federal Way northward into southern Snohomish County. Drivers should be prepared for heavy rain and ponding of water on the roadways.”

Today’s precip was so heavy, we picked up .30” of rain with a high of 62. October weather anyone? But fear not. The sun breaks through tomorrow afternoon through the weekend for the Silverdale Hyrdoplane Races and then we enter a mini-heatwave next week with highs starting out in the low to mid 80s early on but approaching 90 (if not beyond) by midweek. This heatwave will be short-lived, though, with relief coming later in the week.

Man I love it here!

Matthew Leach

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