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Interesting “Forecasting Kitsap” Global Warming Poll Discovery


Global Warming. A subject that has largely flipped from a scientific study to a political one. Either way, it appears a lot of people don’t really know exactly what’s going on—yes, that includes scientists.

Is the earth warming? Of course it is. I don’t care whether you’re a liberal, conservative, democrat or republican: the earth is warming. Studies have shown this over and over again. It is true ocean and land temperatures are warming in some areas more than others, HOWEVER, what is most controversial is:

  • What is causing global warming?
  • What are the long term affects going to be?
  • How am I going to be affected?
  • What precautions should we take?

You will get different answers depending on the person. For believers in man-made global warming, there will largely be an alarm raised and an increased urgency to “do our part” in preventing it from escalating by “going green”. Yet most proponents of man-made warming being Earth’s downfall still aren’t quite sure how to answer the above questions simply because no one really knows. Each answer depends on the person and how severe they believe the issue is.

Same goes for those who believe in natural global warming. These folks believe the Earth is warming, but not at the alarming, deathly rate others would have them believe. Most in this category will come to a consensus that: “The Earth needs to just do its thing and iron out her wrinkles. Leave her alone”.

And then there are those who don’t believe in warming at all, global cooling, or just simply “climate change” which results in both warm and cool phases.

So what’s your point, Matt? I’m very glad you asked.

My latest poll asks the question: “Do You Believe Global Warming is a Big Concern?” And so far, with 98 votes and counting, my above statements ring true: everyone is pretty evenly divided.

For example, 38% (37 votes) believe we are not exclusively warming, but rather going through warm and cool phases. This group is called: “The Climate Change Group”.

32% (31 votes) believe we are not warming at all, and if anything, cooling. This group points to the past few winters around here as proof that global warming extremism is a scam. This is “The Anti-Alarmist Group”. I’m actually surprised to see so many votes in this category! Pretty interesting.

31% (30 votes) believe in global warming and that it is indeed a big concern and we need to do more about it. This will obviously be called the “Global Warming Group”.  To be honest, I expected the numbers for this group to be higher!

I won’t do a poll on whether you believe in natural warming or man-made warming because that could get a little ugly, but I did find it interesting the margins between each category in this poll were quite small. Many people not only throughout the world but also the community are clearly divided on this subject. I’m actually very glad there are so many people voting in these three categories and that one category isn’t favored over another. It’s good to see that my viewership is pretty diverse and not tilted to one side!

Anyway, those are just my observations. If any of you have wanted to comment on the global warming subject within this blog and haven’t been able to find a chance, please feel free to use the comment section. I think it’s important to have a healthy discussion on why we all think the way we do!

As for the short term weather in Kitsap? In a nutshell: we’re crankin’ out the 80s and sunshine by the weekend and it looks to continue through next week! Enjoy!

Matthew Leach

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