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UW Study: Northwest Winters Will Be Even Wetter


Hopefully you like the rain, because according to a new study from the weather department at the UW, Pacific Northwest winters are likely to get even wetter in the coming years. However we won’t be getting the worst of it, says Eric Salathé, a UW research scientist with the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Oceans, based at the UW. The main targets for exceedingly soaking weather will be Alaska and British Columbia.

According to this study, we can also expect an upswing in more severe storms of many kinds: rain, wind, snow, you name it. This is certainly an interesting find considering a couple early bloomer winter predictions are calling for a drier than normal winter this year. It’s not a very long read and I actually found it quite interesting. You can read the whole article here .

It’s a little too early to be talking about this winter’s precipitation totals, but not too early to be talking about what’s in store for the next several days. The Pacific has been quite active lately with several storms/typhoons stirring up trouble in the ocean waters which is sending residual moisture/debris our way. So for the next little while we can expect periods of clouds and rain accompanied by cooler than normal temperatures. This is actually sign that the current El Nino forming in the Pacific right now is taking on a different lifestyle than normal, because typically in El Nino years the Pacific isn’t very active at all—at least, not in our neck of the woods.

Anyway, after a cloudy and drizzly day today expect light rain showers tonight extending into tomorrow before the sun breaks through moreso compared to the past few days. In fact, it’ll break through enough it call it partly sunny! Highs will also make it into the 70s.

Clouds and rain return for the first half of next week and it looks like we’re still on track for a drying trend later in the week.

Good! I’m ready for some good ol’ Pacific Northwest rain again 🙂

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