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A Tale of Two Weather Extremes: Oh the Joys of Being a Weatherman!


Get the pitchforks and/or tomatoes ready (I’d prefer tomatoes if I had a say in this at all…) because the weather models are playing with us just a little bit as they often do. Summer patterns are generally consistent and not as sporadic as fall/winter/spring patterns. However, this weekend and early next week’s rain forecast is a tricky one with models painting two scenarios: dry and pleasant or wet and cool. Right now, the most trusted models are painting a cool/wet pattern but I’m getting a little anxious…

Weather forecasters often get teased about wrong forecasts in the winter, but in the summer a wrong forecast is a deadly sin! I’ll keep a close eye on your weekend and the outlook for early next week. The last time we saw a good healthy dose of rain was about early to mid May, so if the weather pattern advertised in some models comes true, we may restart the dry counter! I actually hope we do end up cooler and wetter in the long range…I’m not a fan of tomato-stained shirts and pitchfork wounds!

This has been a brief update, but I’m still in my scrubs and feel rather…unsterilized…(is that even a word??)

Matthew Leach

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