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**WEATHER ALERT: Bremerton Hits 104 and More Extreme Heat to Come




We did it! I mean, in this heat we might as well. Bremerton made it to the highest temperature ever recorded: 104 degrees, and right at the last minute. At 5:15 PM the temperature spiked from 102 to 104!!! I still wish it got to 103 so I could say my forecast was spot on! But I will say, my forecast was by far the riskiest for the Kitsap area. The National Weather Service was quite hesitant to put triple digits for our area but the models were screaming anything from 100 to 103. It’s moments like these where I’m glad I went with my gut. Seattle got to 103, also the hottest day ever recorded for that location by 3 degrees.

Tomorrow will be similarly hot with highs in the upper 90s to low 100s, so while slightly cooler, it will be another very hot day. Lows will be near 70.

Friday we cool in a more dramatic fashion—if highs between 88-92 is dramatic. We’ll also see more high clouds.

Temperatures rise back into the 90s for the weekend before cooler, yet still above normal weather continues through mid week next week (meaning highs largely in the 80s).

There are (finally!) signs of change in the long range with more of a dramatic marine push possible by next Thursday. I don’t know for sure about that yet, but it looks possible as several model runs have been advertising it.

Sorry I’m not able to write a whole lot this evening, but tomorrow I’ll go into more detail about why this heatwave is so impressive and why it will go in the record books as the hottest ever. Weather geeks across the area (including me!) are so proud today!

Have a great evening!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap




100 Degree Watch: Can We Do It???

**UPDATED 11:32 AM**

Alright, Kitsap! Don’t be shy. History’s in the making and I’d love it if you reported on your current temperatures at your locations as the day progresses. Let’s see who can get to 100 first! 🙂

Here are some current observations (as of 11:32 AM):

Poulsbo—95.9 (I decided to switch Poulsbo stations. The one I used for the 9:30 AM update was a good 10 degrees warmer than everyone else and I don’t think it’s accurate…)


Bainbridge Island—94.5

Port Orchard—98.5 (almost there!)


Bremerton (Airport)—93.2

According to KOMO Weather Producer Scott Sistek, Seattle was in the 90s by 10 am. There is a strong east wind blowing this morning which is pouring in the hot air from Eastern Washington and flooding the lowlands with record heat. Think of it as someone leaving the oven door open.

Anyway, I’ll make more updates to this post throughout the morning/afternoon, though I’m going to Kitsap Lake at 1:00 (I can’t stand it in my 88 degree house!!!) so keep the observations going!

P.S. This evening I’ll do a post  more about the technical aspect of things: why this is happening and what we can expect in the long range.