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“Thunderheads” and Possibly 103 Degrees Tomorrow


**NOTE: The above photo is not my photo nor was it taken today.  However, this is the same exact phenomena going on to our east right now!**

UPDATED 9:07 AM Wednesday, July 29th: Temperatures across the area at 9:00 are in the low to mid 80s with one station, specifically Sherman Hill Road in Poulsbo, reporting 91.2 degrees. This is several degrees warmer than where we were at this time yesterday, which was *only* in the upper 70s. The Bremerton Airport is reporting 84 degrees right now, so I think we’re still on track for triple digits today.

Also, air quality has diminished as expected with moderate concerns and it looks to be the same tomorrow. Click here for more info.


Written Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 @ 6:25 PM:

Ok…I am officially done with this heatwave 😉 The mercury spiked to 99 today, a two degrees off the 97 I predicted for the day.  Today’s Bremerton high of 99 breaks the old record of 96 set in 1998. And I promise you…tomorrow’s record of 97 set in 1998 will crumble like a two week old cookie.

In other news, currently IN my house it is 89 degrees. Heaven help us all…without  A/C. Overnight lows will get into the upper 60s and lower 70s so if you think relief will come tonight, think again. Why not lay out in the lawn and watch the meteor showers? View my last post for more info regarding this month’s meteor shower shows.

Now before I get to the 7 day, a few readers commented on the “thunderheads” popping up to our east in the cascades. Take a look outside if you can and snap a shot! You’d swear we were in Missouri or something, those pink thunderheads look pretty cool. Those have formed thanks to residual moisture from the Upper Level Low that affected us this weekend which is keeping us quite humid through Thursday.

Tomorrow will be a VERY hot day. Forget 100, I’m going for 103. Folks, this is history. We have never hit temperatures this warm before. Ever. July 29th, 2009 may be a day to remember (or forget!) On August 10th, 1981 Bremerton recorded a high of 101, but I’m really pushing for 103 (remember, it’s all about statistics for weather geeks no matter how uncomfortable it may be!) Today’s high temperatures overachieved by a couple degrees in areas today and I believe tomorrow will be impressively hot, hot, hot. Thursday we’ll *cool* to 101 (Never thought I’d say that! And to be honest I don’t think we’ll dip much farther than 98 degrees Thursday…)  

Low 90s is the story on Friday before we cool to the mid 80s through the weekend and into next week. In fact,  some models have been advertising a rebound to the 90s again mid week next week for another episode of “Heatwave 2009!” Goody…

Seriously folks…I’m trying to get cooler weather in here. I just wish I had that much control!

Have a safe and cool evening,

Matthew Leach

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