Triple Digits and Catching the July Meteor Showers!


Whewwwweeee! It was a darn tootin’ hot day today, folks. You don’t need a weather junkie to tell you that! In fact, we broke a record today (gasp! All you who voted that we wouldn’t see record heat out of this thing in the poll to the right, change your answers quick! I’m not looking 🙂 ) We reached 93 degrees at the Bremerton Airport, breaking the old record of 92 in 1998. The records for Tuesday and Wednesday are 96 and 97 respectively, both set in 1998 as well, and I think we’ll break those records easily.

Before we talk more about the heat, let’s talk about some astronomical fun. Tomorrow through the 30th be on the look out of some cool meteor showers occuring between 2-4 am. People tend to think watching the sky at 10 or 11 PM will give them the best show, but in reality right before dawn is the best time to see it, and with overnight temperatures only “dipping” into the mid to upper 60s overnight, you may want to lay outside and watch the sky (put on that bug spray, though!)

Here are some links for more info on these meteor showers: ,

Note that July’s meteor showers will be most prevalent in the southern hemisphere. August’s meteor showers will be much more active here!

Let’s get on to the forecast for tonight as it will be very similar to the next couple of nights: lows will be in the mid to upper 60s with some areas not escaping the 70s. Tomorrow we’ll be propelled into the mid to upper 90s, so get prepared for a day several degrees warmer than today.

And then Wednesday…ooooh Wednesday. That’s the “golden child” day of this whole week. For weather fanatics who love stats, this could be an historic day with temperatures potentially breaking 100 degrees. I am forecasting 100 for the general Kitsap area, though I expect areas closer to the Hood Canal and to the southwest to get a few degrees beyond 100. Please be safe and aware during this heat. I really don’t want to hear of a weather related tragedy!

We *cool* to the upper 90s Thursday, low to mid 90s Friday and 80s through next weekend, but no big relief is in sight. I know, guys! I’m doing the rain dance too!

Now here are some weather links I suggest you all take a look at:

An AIR STAGNATION ADVISORY is still in effect until 6 PM Thursday. The air quality is still projected to be healthy tomorrow but I expect it to deteriorate throughout the week. Please click here for air quality information.

Also, a EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING is in effect until 6 PM Thursday. Click here for more details concerning that warning.

The Poulsbo Fire Department will also be providing a cooling shelter and you can read more info about that here.

Hopefully you all have plans to keep yourselves cool throughout this hot period! When I see a trend for a cooler weather pattern, don’t doubt I’ll mention it!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap



85 thoughts on “Triple Digits and Catching the July Meteor Showers!

  1. Hey Matt,thanks for posting that meteor info.

    I sure am glad its a balmy 72 degrees inside my house 😉

    P.S you should change your captcha applet..sometimes it can be a pain in the rear to see those words.

  2. No problem! Thanks for providing it 🙂

    I actually don’t think I have administrative rights to remove the captcha. But it’s mainly there to prevent spam. I do agree, though. It’s a pain in the neck. I actually think more people would comment if they didn’t have to go through the hassle of decoding those stupid letters/numbers!

  3. Hey matt!
    Something you should look into is the temperature of Mt. Rainier. Bremerton isn’t the only place where its getting hotter at. Our beautiful mountain reached 50 degrees farenheit. All the glaciers that have been on that mountain from the last ice age are disapearing. I thought you would like that 🙂
    Oh, and thanks for the meteor information! I’ve always loved a good meteor shower.

  4. I sat up early this morning and saw a few meteors; very nice. One question though: I saw very small specks of light going north-south and south-north, apparantly at very high altitude. I tracked them from horizon to horizon, so I know they weren’t meteors, and they seemed to move way too fast to be jets at high altitude.

    Any clue as to what I was seeing?


  5. Christian: I SHOULD do a Mt. Rainier update! But glaciers melt every summer haha 😉

    Monty: I believe Andrew’s answer is the best right now. I think they were satellites as well. They are mistaken as falling stars/meteors all the time. If it’s not a satellite, I don’t know what it is! But it’s cool you found some time to check out the shower 🙂

    Andrew: You rock! Thanks for providing thorough information to my readers when I’m not around to answer a question!

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