Update on Thunderstorm Show Tonight

**Stay tuned to this blog post for updates throughout the evening**

UPDATED 9:25 PM–The NWS expects the worst of the thunderstorm activity to be confined to Whatcom and Skagit counties where some severe storms have been pegging that area all evening. The main Seattle metro area can expect continued rain showers with lightning strikes and thunder through the night, but the really big stuff is farther north. If you experience any lightning/thunder please feel free to comment!

UPDATED 8:22 PM–The NWS says a thunderstorm just west of Shorline will pass Bainbridge Island by 8:25 PM and reach Port Orchard by 8:35 PM. Any reports of thunder/lightning yet? I’m getting just some light raindrops here in Silverdale…

6:30 PM–Hope you all had a great day today! It certainly felt muggy/humid outside, and you can thank the ULL spinning our way for keeping the atmosphere just moist enough to make it feel like Kansas City today. But by the end of the week, we may find ourselves more similar to Kansas City than we would like.

First up: thunderstorms. Is the potential still there? Absolutely. The northern interior has reported heavy rain, hail, gusty winds and lightning earlier this evening and according to the radar they aren’t done with the action quite yet. These storms will continue to sink southward, giving the Seattle area a lightning show late this evening into early tomorrow morning (and although this is the expected timeframe, these storms are pretty random and could occur anytime between now and tomorrow morning). The mountain passes, however, will get the brunt of this rare storm. For you night owls/early risers, get your cameras ready! It will also be a very mild night with lows “dipping” into the upper 50s and low 60s which will propel the high temperatures tomorrow.

Earlier this morning I was thinking the ULL would stunt temperatures tomorrow, but now it’s looking like it won’t play much of a factor at all, so you can expect high temperatures to rise a few more degrees compared to today which means final temps at or near 90 degrees. The risk of morning thunder/lightning remains.

Monday through Thursday are on track for highs in the mid to upper 90s with blazing sun. Models are in general agreement that a cool down arrives by next weekend (!), but along with this cool down comes the strong potential for some more thunderstorms so stay tuned!

Have a fun and SAFE evening and stay here for updates!

Matthew Leach

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18 thoughts on “Update on Thunderstorm Show Tonight

  1. 8:53 Nothing in Port Orchard. It’s just cloudy. And I warned everybody to shut off their electrical/electronic stuff, too. Oh well 🙂

  2. It’s 9:02 pm and all I see is a beautiful sunset from here in East Port Orchard…no rain, no thunder or lightening!!

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, it looks like all that passed by was light rain…however the radar is showing more activity coming our way. The NWS is anticipating more action overnight versus this evening, so Sally, I think you still made a smart move! 🙂

    Donna: Wasn’t the sunset wonderful? Even if the lightning doesn’t pan out, at least we got a great sunset!

  4. All I have here is some showers and cool air. No noise yet.The radar seems to miss me.

    I am going back in the tent on Sunday night.

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