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Whaling Days Forecast: Beware, Mother Nature May Play Along!


Mother Nature is such a trickster. If she were an actual woman, I think I’d be her best friend. And with the latest changes coming to the weekend forecast, I may grow to love her all the more. Why?

Believe it or not, tomorrow and Sunday are both going to feature a chance for thunderstorms randomly throughout the day. Does this mean our heatwave will be delayed? Not exactly. There’s an “upper level low” currently spinning around Eastern Washington (“low” meaning moist/active) with a ridge of high pressure to our west (“ridge” meaning high and dry!) So until that Upper Level Low, or ULL, fizzles completely, we’ll continue the chance for periods of random showers/thunderstorms during the weekend. And what better timing, because this weekend is WHALING DAYS WEEKEND IN SILVERDALE (though, it starts today)! For more info on Whaling Days and the activities involved, click here .

Now let me just say there is indeed a chance that this weekend will not be as warm as advertised because of  that pesky ULL. If it decides to move back our direction, which one of the weather models is suggesting, we could be looking at a dramatic increase in thunderstorm threats all across the lowlands, more clouds and cooler temperatures. If it decides to hang out east where it will die off, as suggested by the majority of the models, we could look at a headstart to this heatwave. Don’t ya just love the probabilities that go into forecasting?

But worry not, heat lovers! Models have been overwhelmingly consistent on the REAL country-fried weather beginning Monday with highs soaring into the low to mid 90s under a blazing ball o’ sunshine. Tuesday and Wednesday are nearly identical with highs in the mid 90s under sunny skies. Thursday and Friday are cooler, but the marine push the models were advertising later Thursday into Friday has disintegrated and has been pushed back until Saturday or Sunday…if even that. So this is still looking like one heck of a heatwave!

I would also like (well, not exactly “like” like…) to point out that overnight temperatures Sunday night through Friday night (perhaps beyond) will be unseasonably warm, only dropping into the mid and upper 60s, especially mid week. This means some very uncomfortably hot nights for those without A/C. Maybe sleep outside a few of those nights? 

Speaking of which, if you’re a fan of good ol’ meteor showers, I’ll be issuing a blog post either tomorrow or Sunday about upcoming showers, some of which will occur right in the middle of our heatwave! So stay tuned!

Have a fantastic evening!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap