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Warm, Hot, Really Hot, OUCH!

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Well folks, it appears that we’ve converged on a solution. I know, I know, for the past several days the weather models have been “flaky” at best (oh gosh, that reminds me, I’d love to put snow in the forecast right now! Ah, what the heck…)



Ok fine, let’s just face it: according to now virtually every weather model out there we’re going to bake and I’m even wondering if some KITSAP locations might see a 100 degree reading or more throughout this thing…hmmm…

Anyway, today we reached 89 degrees which was just a degree shy of the predicted 88 degrees and a degree shy of a 90 degree reading! But don’t worry, as if you haven’t heard for a week now, we’ll definitley get to that point.

A cooler day is on tap for tomorrow with highs about 5-10 degrees cooler than today. Thursday will be a tad warmer with the same amount of sunshine: a lot.

But then here’s where it all starts. Friday is now looking very warm with highs nudging 90 again—pretty much what we did today will happen Friday. But wait! There’s more!

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday offer up just a little more heat each day with low 90s Saturday, low to mid 90s Sunday, mid 90s Monday…and so on. You get the drift. But now that I think about it, I bet many of you don’t even care what the actual numbers are this weekend. When standing outside, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 89 or 95 degrees outside, it is still blasted hot. So, drink LOTS of water, wear sunscreen, protect your loveable pets…you guys know the drill.

I’m not going to talk about a set date for a cool down quite yet as models are still unsure about when that should happen. Let’s just focus on one extreme before we get to the next 😉

OH! And, let me just say, I can read your minds. What you’re thinking right now is: “OK….I think Matt’s REALLY bored or weather news is REALLY slow lately, because all he’s been talking about for 7 days is the heatwave!” My answer to that thought is: you’re right, I am bored and weather news hasn’t exactly been hoppin’, but I’ll mix it up tomorrow and give the heatwave news a break 🙂

Have a great evening and stock up on ice!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap