Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

A Little Rain Today, But Not Enough

It sure was nice to have the cool breeze around today and it was even nicer to see some light rain across portions of the peninsula today. Not everyone saw it, but there were certainly areas that got under a quick shower. It didn’t add up to anything with the Bremerton Airport recording 0.00” in the gauge.

So because we didn’t see a substantial downpour today, a Stage 1 Burn Ban is in effect. Click here to read more information about it. For those wondering, burn bans are not exactly uncommon in the summer here, especially under extended periods of dry weather. I guess this is just one of the “perks” of summer time, eh?

The good news (or bad news, depending on your outlook on things) is that the sunshine will return for tomorrow through the first part of the weekend along with warm high temperatures in the 70s to possibly low 80s (!). We get thrust back into reality by the end of the weekend as the threat of showers returns. A cool sea breeze will keep skies partly sunny through early next week along with comfortable temperatures in the mid 70s.

I guess we found our happy medium!

Have a great evening,

Matthew Leach

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