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Summer Slams on the Breaks!



Whew! What a ride! And like my father frequently does in the car, Mother Nature pushed on the breaks a little too hard, resulting in a “whiplash” of sorts for summer lovers. As you’ve no doubt noticed, the clouds and cooler temperatures have returned as well as some breezy conditions that helped usher in the cooler air (remember when we had that big marine push in early June? It was REALLY windy when it arrived!)

I know many of you are kinda bummed, but if we are to believe long range models (and according to my poll about 43% of you trust long range forecasting) we could be back to summer by the weekend. But first, we have to wade through a mix of clouds, cool temperatures and–GASP!–some *possible* rain. But no promises.

Today will finish the way it started: mostly cloudy with a few breaks in between. Highs will likely not get out of the 60s.

Tuesday and Wednesday will continue the theme of cool conditions and clouds, but we may add some showers to the mix, especially Wednesday. Any significant rain in the summer is like a snow day in the winter. It’s rare enough that we tend to get excited when we see it! So we’ll see what happens, but we could definitley get wet by midweek.

And then the clouds part and the sun returns for later this week into this weekend with gradually warming temperatures. At this time, it doesn’t look like we’ll get as warm as we were this past week, but it’ll definitely be comfortable and dry.

Stay tuned for updates!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap