June 2009 Weather Stats: A Mixed Month

Welcome to July, Kitsap! The first full month of summer. We all certainly hope this month is full of great weather because there are plenty of outdoor activities that need to get done! Statistically, June is the worst of “summer” months around here while July and August can be dependent on sunny and warm weather. So far so good!

Last night I made a graph of the temperatures recorded at the Bremerton National Airport (we all know my feelings about that location 😉 ) for June 2009 and I noticed some pretty chilly overnight temperatures recorded there. Of course, the airport is at a higher elevation, so it’s easier to get a cooler overnight temp there. In fact, on July 29th there was a recorded low temperature of 39 degrees. I actually think that temperature may be valid considering stations at the north coast were reporting upper 30s for temperatures. So here’s the graph (click on it to make it bigger):


Now, you may be surprised to see that the average June 2009 temperature is slightly cooler than the normal June temperature. This is because of the cool low temperatures recorded during the night at the airport. I ran an average of the daily high temperatures and we were at 70.8 degrees—1.2 degrees above the normal daily high temperature of 69.6 degrees. Still, I expected high temperatures to average warmer because of the heatwave earlier this month. But then again, when you look at the graph we never really reached those temperatures again which hindered how much above normal we were able to get this month.

Mid month, while mostly dry, was quite cool and cloudy as well with precipitation moving in the last full week of the month. And speaking of precipitation, we only managed a paltry 0.25” of rain in comparison to the average 1.45”. No doubt about it, it was a dry month!

So overall, June 2009 was a mixed month (think of it as a less extreme version of May 2009) with a heatwave to start the month, a strong marine push and a continuation of cool, cloudy weather midmonth, thunderstorms and rain the last week of the month and some comfortable temperatures and sunny skies at the very end of the month. Variety is always good!

I’ll give a more detailed description of what to expect later this week into this holiday weekend as temperatures rise and grass dries up. Not a good combination!

Have a great day,

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap