Nice Little Heatwave to Ring in July?

Models have sure been coming around to that idea! Take a look at this snipit from the UW GFS Model I get my weather info from:



This map displays the temperatures on Friday at 5 PM. If this pans out, we could be looking at upper 80s across the peninsula with possibly a few 90s in spots under sunny skies. This is another reason why I love the low humidity here or else it would be hellish! But models are coming around to a general consensus of a gradual warming trend this week with mid 70s tomorrow climbing into the mid 80s on Thursday and then possibly low 90s on Friday.

A cool down does arrive by the 4th, but not a dramatic one by any means. Highs will still likely be in the 80s, but we’ll increase the cloud cover as a marine push looks to arrive Saturday night delivering cooler conditions for Sunday and Monday.

Now, you’ll notice there’s a new poll on the right hand side which went along with the blog post yesterday highlighting long range forecasting. I for one love to practice long range forecasting, so every once in a while I’ll provide a 7 day forecast PLUS a sneak peak at 5 extra days in the long range to give you an idea of the temperature and weather trends beyond 7 days. So we’ll see how I do with my long range forecasting! 🙂

Have a great evening,

Matthew Leach

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