POLL/VIDEO: Predicting Weather One Year in Advance?


Can one British scientist, Piers Corbyn, predict the weather accurately a year in advance? He certainly believes he can, and his credibility is growing with his accurate forecasts. ABC was not willing to provide the embedding video code from YouTube, so I’ll give you the link to the video:


Conventional meteorologists do not appreciate people like him because he, quite bluntly put, thinks outside the box. I admire astrometeorologists and the long range weather forecasts they produce because it requires much more than just looking at the ocean waters: they study the stars, sun, and other space phenomena that interfere with our weather. Of course, most meteorologists believe that stuff is just hokey. I think it is very real and I have seen long range forecasts from astrometeorologists come true with incredible accuracy.

Corbyn is also controversial because of his belief in global cooling and how man-made global warming is just not true. Most meteorologists believe—and I mean strongly believe—in the global warming theory. To me it’s just a bunch of government propaganda, but hey that’s my opinion. There are  many strong indicators that we are in a cooling phase that could last us until 2040, according to Dr. Corbyn. In fact, according to the Dr., global temperatures have been cooling since 1998. I’ll post more about astrometeorology in the coming months, especially in August and September when astro-winter predictions are made.

So, those are my thoughts/opinions on the issue. What are yours? There’s a new poll on the right hand side where you can voice your opinion. I know it was pretty dangerous to admit on this blog that I don’t believe in man-made global warming because this state is largely a Democratic one, but that’s why we have a comment section and a new poll, right? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Just be civil about it.

I’ll now switch into my “conventional inside-the-box meteorologist” mode and give you the forecast for the week versus next year 🙂 . There are definite improvements, that’s for sure as Monday now looks partly sunny after morning clouds…I was afraid we’d be socked in for most of the day, but it should end up being a lot like today. Tuesday through Friday we enter a gradual warming trend with highs starting in the low 70s and rising to possibly 80 degrees by Thursday.

The 4th of July is looking better as far as no precipitation is concerned, but there seems to be a strong enough marine push that would only increase the amount of clouds in the sky and cool the temperatures down. But again, it looks dry and pleasant.

Have a great week this week and be safe!

Matthew Leach

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  1. Farmer’s Almanac also does a pretty good job of predicting weather a year a head. They keep their method a secret but it has a good reputation. After hastily scanning their 2009 magazine article on Global Cooling? they agree with Doug Hathaway, solar physicist at NASA and even Khabibullo Abdusama head researcher for the Russian Academy of Sciences whose research coincides with Farmer’s Almanac long range forecast ‘suggest a staggering cooling period could CONTINUE’. This article was written by Joseph D’Aleo, meteorologist and climatologist who was co-founder of the weather channel.I have already mentioned Western WA U. professor, Don Easterbrook’s ideas.

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