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Storms Strike When I Leave


I got a few e-mails and Facebook notifications about how there was quite the thunder/lightning storm yesterday not only affecting much of the Kitsap Peninsula but on the other side of the water near Sea-Tac as well. One report came in that a bolt of lightning flashed near my church on Central Valley Rd that caused the lights to flicker followed by a big “KABOOM”. The jolt, as a fellow reader noted, “made everyone jump out of their skins”.

Another reader commented on how funny it is that I’m not gone for more than 48 hours when we have an impressive thunderstorm! Darn. Just my luck. I am in Wyoming right now, however, and there was a nice little thunderstorm/windstorm last night so at least I’m not COMPLETELY striking out (no pun intended) !

Anyway, thanks for keeping me informed as I’m away. If you would like to comment about your experience with that thunderstorm yesterday feel free. Are we going to be seeing any more of that? Well, it’s hard to say considering I’m several states away right now but according to the most updated models we’re going to have a calmer weather day today with mostly cloudy skies, showers, and highs in the 60s—not exactly what a lot of you would like on the 2nd day of summer.

The skies clear for your Tuesday, though high cirrus clouds could make it more of a “filtered sunshine” day, but highs will be warmer in the low 70s.

Wednesday looks downright muggy with mild temperatures in the mid 70s but mostly cloudy skies with showers. I’ll keep an eye on that one…it could be a pretty unpleasant weather day.

Showers and sunbreaks are the theme for Thursday and Friday before the clouds, showers and 60s move back in for the weekend.

Good news? The longer range models from the CPC indicate normal to above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation for the next 7-14 days. The timing would be about right because by then we’ll be rolling in July!

Have a great day and I’ll try to do as many updates as I can this week. Now I’m off to Custer’s Battlefield!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap