Move On Over! There’s a New Weatherman in Town

A received an e-mail from a family friend a while ago saying her son had drawn a weather forecast and wanted me to see it. I asked for the picture and here’s what I got!:


Isn’t that great? You can click on the image for a bigger picture. Hopefully you can see the temperatures…that’s quite the temperature swing! 🙂 I actually like his illustrations better than mine! That was actually about the age I started doing weather predictions/videos, so who knows…maybe he’ll be CK’s next weatherman?

Speaking of swings in weather, yesterday was a wild one with periods of sunshine, dark clouds and heavy showers—all depending on where you were. I didn’t have access to my computer at the time of the downpour, but I checked the Bremerton Airport records from yesterday and there is nothing recorded in the gauge. I do know that in the Poulsbo/Silverdale area, however, it was pouring. So I suppose Kitsap is breaking it’s dry streak a couple locations at a time!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for some) the cloudy and damp weather looks to continue through the weekend with occasional sunbreaks at times, most likely on Sunday, the first full day of summer. Summer officially begins at 10:45 PM on Saturday. Either way, the entrance to summer will not exactly be a warm one. Highs throughout the weekend will be in the 60s.

The sun breaks through early next week before more showers and thicker clouds roll in for the latter part of next week…kind of like what we’ve experienced this week: muggy, cloudy and cool.

When will the summer weather officially arrive? If I were to take a random stab in the dark I’d say mid July, and if the long range models are to be trusted, that might not be a bad guess as a cool, moist weather regime looks to be the default for now. Don’t say you weren’t warned a few months back! Remember: June was expected to be rather cloudy, moist and cool!

Have  a fantastic evening,

Matthew Leach

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15 thoughts on “Move On Over! There’s a New Weatherman in Town

  1. Hey, that sure is a cute Jr. Weatherman! He is going to be excited that he made it on your blog.

  2. Haha aw he’s adorable, but I am CK’s next weatherman…He can be weatherman after me. 😉

    1. Alright, Colton 🙂 But if you ever need weather assistance and I’m not around you know who to ask 😉

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