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VIDEO: A Salute to CK’s Foreign Exchange Students


This is a special edition of Forecasting Kitsap. As readers of this blog know, my family has been hosting a foreign exchange student from Tanzania, Africa since August and the group he came to the US with had to leave today which means he has to miss graduation. I am especially bummed, but his coordinators wouldn’t make any exceptions. The other two exchange students from Norway and Germany came with different groups who get to leave after graduation. I guess that was just the luck of the draw.

Anyway, on Thursday I filmed the very last weather forecast of not only the school year but of my high school career and I decided I wanted to do something special. So, I asked John Mhando (Tanzania), Tori Johansen (Norway) and Max Sesing (Germany) to appear in the last broadcast and assist me in forecasting the weather around Kitsap in their native language. This is a really cool video and it was such a privilege to have them on!

**Note: Why is Tori invisible on the green screen? She is wearing a green sweatshirt. I told her she would be invisible but…she insisted on wearing the sweatshirt 🙂

Here’s wishing these students a successful and bright future ahead!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap