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Has the Weather Been Weird Enough For You?

Photo by: Unknown
Photo by: Unknown

If you were anywhere on the West Coast last night you witnessed an incredible meteorlogical occurance: a pre-summer marine push of monstorous porportions. At around 7:00 it started to get really windy outside and I knew exactly what was happening because the wind was significantly colder than the temperature inside my house. It felt like air conditioning!

Temperatures around the area dropped 20 degrees in just a couple hours as the marine push blew through the area. I figured the marine push would be dramatic, but not THAT dramatic. Everyone I talked to today said it was quite the experience having shorts and T-shirts on at 7:00 and having to grab a jacked at 9.


But it’s worth noting that we can’t quite blame the gusty winds on just the marine front as there were some VERY strong thunderstorms just to our south (by the way, the Portland area was under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch yesterday which many meteorologists around the area say has never happened west of the cascades) that could have caused it as well. Scott Sistek , KOMO 4 weather producer, explained this phenomenon called “gust fronts” well when he said, “Typical of the massive thunderstorms in the Midwest, gust fronts are caused by extreme downdrafts out of the thunderclouds that race outward from the storms — sort of like waves when you drop a stone in [a] pond.” So really, yesterday’s active weather could have been a result of many different weather patterns happening at once.

And then there’s today’s weather which, in my opinion, was quite comfortable compared the suffocating high 80s/low 90s we’ve experienced the past few days. But we have even cooler weather on the way that might make things a little uncomfortable/unpleasant tomorrow.

It will be a bit breezy tonight as we have another marine push in the forecast but this one will be much more “mature”, unlike the “immature temper tantrum” that occured last night. Expect breezes in the 15-20 mph range which means an increase in cloud cover overnight. Tomorrow morning will start cloudy and drizzly, but skies should clear enough to give us all a nice taste of the sun. Typically this time of year marine layers aren’t very hard to break out of. Highs will likely stay in the 60s.

Sunday and Monday look equally as pleasant with partly sunny skies and highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s—right about normal.

Clouds, high temps in the low to mid 60s and even a few showers (gasp!) could make any outdoor plans on Tuesday tricky, but we steadily warm up and dry out as the week progresses.

**NOTE: Next week is the last week of school for seniors because Friday, June 12th is graduation. I’ll just say ahead of time that posting next week will likely be infrequent due to responsibilities I have in conjunction with not only the ceremony but other last minute things I have to get done before I say my final goodbye’s to CK. Tis a bitter sweet moment indeed.

Have a great evening!

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