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Ahhhh!: Mother Nature’s Natural Air Conditioning

Washingtonians are used to warm, dry and comfortable summers with low humidity. The past few days have been hazy/partly cloudy, warm and stuffy.


The clouds that have rolled in (more noticeable today) have acted as a type of blanket during this heatwave, allowing the warm atmopshere to envelop the region as the sun breaks through, but when the clouds roll back in it’s like sleeping in a hot room with a blanket on. It just doesn’t feel so nice.

Ok, sorry…I realize I’m complaining here. Might as well enjoy the warm weather, right? The good news is this pattern has produced some very mild nights resulting in an official packaway of my fall/winter jacket. I don’t think I’ll be needing that anytime too soon…

The pattern for tomorrow will be very similar. If you wanted things just a little warmer outside today you’ll get your wish tomorrow as highs will get well into the 80s…maybe even a 90 or two. Today’s high was a toasty 87 degrees. By the way, the record is 94 set in 1970 so we still haven’t broken any max. high  temps, but tomorrow’s record is 87 and…well, I think we could crack that. So the 20% of you who voted that we would see our first record high temperature in June may end up right! I am surprised, though. Historically we have seen record high temps before now…

The impressive heat will eventually end this weekend as we switch to a cooling marine push that will allow clouds and cooler air to filter into the region, or as I and many other weather nerds like to call it: “Natural Air Conditioning”. That’s what makes summer here so tolerable! Saturday through the weekend and into next week expect highs generally near 70—maybe a degree or two either way with partial sunshine.

So, definitely cooler but not cool enough to bring my jacket back out! 🙂

Matthew Leach

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